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Why ...?

Painting - an important means of artistic reflection and interpretation of reality, the impact on the viewer's thoughts and feelings. Conceptual idea of painting is specified in the theme and plot, and is embodied by means of design, drawing and color.

There are experiments conducted at several plants in Russia. Looking for new ways to motivate people. The idea to organize an art exhibition. It was felt that the workers not appreciate painting or butts about them will be put out. But nothing has been spoiled. On the contrary, in the locker room, where hung the painting, people have stopped smoking! They all became different. But most importantly - labor productivity increased at twice! 80% of respondents said that in their mind a lot has changed. They became calmer, more balanced. 93% said they felt emotional support, considering the painting. "Serotonin" in color - would say the scientists.

How to estimate the value of work? First, the importance of the ideas embedded in the painting by the artist. Secondly, the persona of the artist. Third, skill, ability pictorial means to express their thoughts.

Zabrodsky Lev Semenovich (1949, USSR) - artist, designer, engineer. Multiple winner on the Exhibition of Economic Achievements of the USSR. Author of more than 70 inventions. Honorary Inventor of the USSR. Read more about his personality, can be read on wikipedia.org.

There are not many paintings were created, but the ones that are exhibited, as a rule, were exported from the USSR. Sketches made on a business trip to the Arctic Ocean and coming to the mainland turned into paintings, became one of the most famous series of paintings that were released to for people.

As a young man visiting many of the highest peaks of the USSR, he carried through his entire life to the love of mountains, kinds of views from them. That only is the painting, written under the influence of storms, being on the hill above the storm clouds.

Today, Lev Semenovich lives and works in a calm, quiet, but the saturated latent energy, on the shore of the Gulf, where previously lived and worked such artists as: Orest Adamovich Kiprensky (1782-1836) - Russian painter, graphic artist, a master of portraits; Ivan Shishkin (1832-1898) - Russian landscape painter, painter, draftsman and printmaker; Ilya Repin (1844-1930) - Russian painter, a painter, a master of portraits, historical and genre scenes; Isaak Levitan (1860-1900) - Russian artist.

In the narrow circles Zabrodsky Lev Semenovich earned the nickname "Soviet Leonardo da Vinci."

How to ...?

Effect of paintings on the psychological atmosphere exert its plot, colors, style of writing. The painting should emphasize the idea of interior. It can "dissolve" in the overall color scheme, or to make an emphasis in the interior, using contrasting colors.

Size of the painting depends on the size of the room and the distance from which the painting will be taken. For spacious rooms are good large painting, but for small spaces - a few miniatures.

Cleverly and tastefully put up a painting - a great art. Pursuing a design room and creating his own style, you should not go to extremes. Asceticism in the interior leads to emptiness and incompleteness, and glut - the congestion. Buying a painting, it is necessary to consider how it will look next to other objects in the interior.

For each room needs its painting. It is possible to decorate a living room with bright, vivid paintings. The bedroom is better to choose a more restrained and calming colors and theme. The kitchen is better to create a sense of abundance and warmth. For a office - landscapes, creating harmonious feng shui. The image of the mountains at the back of the working chair symbolizes support, stability and reliability. Picture of a waterfall, river, stream or lake front desk stimulates the water element, which brings a lot of luck and wealth, but never hang such paintings behind him. Paintings of the open field bring ease-of-business and career, and therefore favorable to the desktop. With bright, contrasting colors of the painting, which shows the effect may increase the energy in the hallways, living rooms, hallways, waiting rooms, nurseries, sports clubs. Landscape with a season of the year, placed in the appropriate part of the apartment or house. Spring is best placed in the east and south-east, the summer - in the south, the golden autumn - in the west and south-west, late fall - in the west and north-west, winter - in the north. Family portraits are priceless objects of power that can bring the energy of unity and prosperity. I do not recommend placing them in the following locations: the front door and the toilet door, opposite the stairs in the basement.

The best background for each painting - monochromatic light wall. If the painting is the same color and tone of the wall, then decorate a painting frame in a contrast.

The question of the choice of paintings may be relevant not only for those who have completed repairs and is in the process of choosing furniture and accessories. But for those whose interior is formed for a long time, because with the paintings, you can update a familiar environment, bring a breath of fresh air into it.

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